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Open, sincere and respectful

Swiss Casinos

Under the umbrella of Swiss Casinos Holding AG, our company offers people exceptional experiences. Social and economic competence, a pioneering spirit and longstanding experience in the industry form the basis of this. We have been instrumental in shaping the Swiss gambling and casino market. We are proud to have always been an entirely Swiss-owned company ever since we first started out in the 1970s.

Our goal is to assert our position through long-term development and ongoing expansion, and to be a market leader by clearly setting ourselves apart from the competition – not just quantitatively but, more importantly, qualitatively.

Our business revolves around people: guests and employees. We treat them with sincerity and honest appreciation – no matter what their position is in the company.

Swiss Casinos Holding AG is the sole shareholder of its casinos in Pfäffikon, Schaffhausen and Zurich. It holds a majority (98%) stake in the casino in St. Gallen and offers a wide range of services for the planning, construction and operation of casinos. It also assists the various Swiss Casinos sites in a managerial capacity. Selnau Gastro AG runs the GEORGE Bar & Grill, an establishment with a long tradition located in the penthouse of Haus Ober in Zurich.