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About us

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Pure entertainment.

We offer, quite simply, superlative entertainment. For us that means excitement and enjoyment combined with friendly hospitality. Our guests appreciate the casino as a stimulating and sociable venue with a congenial, cheerful atmosphere. 

We bring people together in the game.

Gambling is our passion. We live it with commitment and infectious enthusiasm, both in and around our casinos, where the superlative entertainment and exclusive offers available go beyond the games themselves. We can only do this by constantly striving to be innovative and break new ground. Just like we’ve always done.

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Wir bringen Menschen zusammen

We’re all about people.

We treat our employees with fairness and respect. We want them to be involved in making decisions and setting strategies. After all, they’re the ones who have to put them into practice. Which makes each and every employee a building block of our success.

Our employees are front and center

Mitarbeiter Statements

Duty Manager

Diana Beglinger

I’m so proud to be part of the Swiss Casinos family! The warmth and friendliness that I encounter every day from my work colleagues create a uniquely exciting yet homely atmosphere in our casinos. As a result, each time a guest visits one of our premises they enjoy a unique experience. Being able to observe and be part of that every day is a privilege that I never want to give up.

Mitarbeiter Statements

Promotions and Events Manager

Beatrice Artho

As a sociable person, I love being around people. That’s a good thing for my job as promotions and events manager – I’m often right in the middle of the action, I enjoy making guests happy and love working as part of a team. At Swiss Casinos, I feel appreciated and empowered to take on responsibility. And if that wasn’t enough, Swiss Casinos is also a very social-minded and extremely generous employer. That’s not a given, which makes it even more valuable. I’m so grateful and incredibly proud to be part of the Swiss Casinos family!

Mitarbeiter Statements

Casino Technician

Tamás Tóth

I’ve worked at the Zurich casino as a casino technician for eight years. If the casino has a technical problem, I’m your guy. I also look after the maintenance of the roulette tables and am involved in changing layouts. It’s a highly varied, full-time job that requires dexterity and creativity, and constantly offers new challenges.
When everything is running smoothly, I can concentrate on guests’ needs – on supporting them and building a connection with them. I listen to them a lot, which means I can gather valuable feedback that helps me identify areas where we can improve.

Our support for others

In Switzerland, we enjoy excellent public services and a stable political system. The country also offers a vibrant culture and great diversity of recreational activities. High quality of life is very important to Swiss Casinos. That’s why we support cultural and social organizations working to promote societal cohesion. We do so through financial contributions and personal commitment.

And not just in Switzerland. A good example is “Glück für Togo” (“Happy Togo”). This nonprofit association strives to improve living standards in West Africa by supporting sustainable farming and cultural exchange in the region, thus creating a “happy Togo”.

Some of the projects we support

Happy Togo Logo

Happy Togo

Happy Togo

Swiss Casinos and its employees are supporting the project “Happy Togo.” The aim is to help the population of Togo in western Africa to develop sustainable economic, social and ecological services.

Lakers Logo

The Lakers’ 100 club

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

This restaurant for members of the Lakers’ exclusive “100” business club operates under the “Swiss Casinos Lounge” name. The Swiss Casinos logo also features on the hockey team’s jerseys.

Bernhard Theater

Enthralling discussions

Bernhard Theater

Zurich Casino supports the Bernhard Matinée, an entertaining series of cultural, literary, philosophical, and political discussions held at the Bernhard Theater. The regular Matinée, hosted by former president of the Swiss Confederation Moritz Leuenberger, is always a good source of surprising and inspirational moments.

Logo right to hear foundation

A joyful future for all

right to hear foundation

Children in emerging and developing countries who suffer from hearing difficulties find it considerably harder to integrate. The right to hear foundation focuses on equal opportunities and creates structures to promote these children’s development.

To finance its work, the foundation has been purveying wines from a vineyard in Stellenbosch, South Africa, for more than 15 years. Swiss Casinos includes the unique wines in its offering to guests in the Pfäffikon, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen and Zurich casinos, as well as in the Restaurant GEORGE Bar & Grill.


We operate responsibly.

We understand the risks involved in gambling and take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously. Not because the law says so, but because it’s the right thing to do and is in our own interest.

Protective measures are enshrined in our social concept to ensure the safeguarding and early recognition of guests at risk of developing a gambling addiction, the training and continuing professional development of those employees responsible for protecting players, and the collection of data on gambling addiction.

Swiss Casinos is a wholly Swiss-owned business.

We operate in Switzerland only and are bound by our values. We have played an active role in shaping the Swiss gambling and casino market. Social and economic competence, a pioneering spirit and sector-specific experience are the cornerstones of our success.

Swiss Casinos Holding is the sole shareholder in the Pfäffikon, Schaffhausen and Zurich casinos, and holds a majority (98%) stake in the St. Gallen casino. The Restaurant GEORGE Bar&Grill, located in the penthouse of the hallowed Haus Ober in Zurich, is run by Selnau Gastro AG.

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