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Area: culture

Games of every kind are part of every culture. Which is why Swiss Casinos is involved in this area.


Food Zürich

Culinary specialties

Food Zürich

The vision of FOOD ZURICH is to help shape our food culture and promote Zurich’s culinary specialties on an international stage. Zurich Casino supports both the festival and Zurich Tourism, two strong partners who work hard to put Zurich on the map.

Bernhard Theater

Enthralling discussions

Bernhard Theater

Zurich Casino supports the Bernhard Matinée, an entertaining series of cultural, literary, philosophical, and political discussions held at the Bernhard Theater. The regular Matinée, hosted by former president of the Swiss Confederation Moritz Leuenberger, is always a good source of surprising and inspirational moments.

Silvester Zauber

Impressive fireworks

Silvesterzauber in Zürich

Every year, Switzerland’s biggest New Year’s Eve party attracts around 200,000 visitors. The undisputed highlight is the impressive Casino Zurich firework display that lights up the night sky.

Sinfonetta Logo

Dynamic chamber orchestra

Sinfonietta Schaffhausen

Sinfonietta Schaffhausen is a young and dynamic chamber orchestra. Founded just a few years ago, it has gained an excellent reputation under the leadership of Paul K. Haug. Schaffhausen Casino has sponsored the chamber orchestra for several years.

Schriftzug Theater Rigiblick

Pure emotion

Theater Rigiblick

Literature, art, performances and music distinguish Theater Rigiblick. The in-house productions produced under the direction of Daniel Rohr create unforgettable theater experiences.

Theaterverein Fürstenland

An experience you won’t forget

Theaterverein Fürstenland

The Fürstenland auditorium in Gossau has already seen several premieres in its thirty-year history, and new ones are frequently added to the program: presenting entertaining plays and musicals, impressive punch lines, charming music and lively parodies that touch the heart and provide plenty of unforgettable moments.