Black Jack

Find your luck where the ace and jack meet.

Play Blackjack in St. Gallen

Games offered

4 Blackjack tables

Opening times
Sunday to Thursday: 3.00 pm – 3.00 am
Friday and Saturday: 3.00 pm – 4.00 am

Minimum bet CHF 10
At weekends in the Fun Pit for CHF 5


Also known as the card game 21 or 17+4. The aim of the game is to get a hand worth closer to 21 than the bank. You also win if the bank’s hand is worth more than 21 and you're still in the game. Decide whether you want to stick or twist to beat the bank and win.

Black Jack

Additional games

Hit the exciting multilevel progressive jackpot.
It’s all about the first two cards – yours and the bank’s. If you’ve got an ace and jack of the same suit and the bank does too – you and the bank can have different suits – you've hit the jackpot. With a blackjack in your hand, you’re always a winner. All participating guests at the table win CHF 250 with every jackpot payout. 

To participate in the additional games, you need to place a bet in the basic Blackjack game.

Swiss Casinos Jack
In the additional game “Swiss Casinos Jack”, you bet on the bank getting a black jack. If the bank has a Blackjack featuring an actual black jack, you get a payout of 50 to 1. If the Blackjack features only red cards, the payout is 25 to 1. Every other Blackjack is paid out at 10 to 1.

Poker bet
Here, you bet on a flush, straight, or three of a kind. To win, all you need is your first two cards dealt face up from your box and the first card dealt face up from the bank. If these three cards form a winning combination of a flush, straight, or three of a kind, we’ll pay out on your bet on the additional field at 8.5 to 1.

Win 2.5 times your bet on the “Bust” field if the bank’s hand is worth over 21.

Black Jack mit Hände