American Roulette

Find your luck where the ball lands.

Play American roulette in Zurich

Absolute classic

Roulette is one of the most popular and straightforward casino games of chance. Many stories and films have focused on this simple game, which is all about which number the ball lands on. As simple as it sounds, it’s so exciting to watch as the croupier sets the ball in motion. 

What’s on offer
5 American roulette tables
32 multi-roulette terminals

Opening times
American Roulette
Every day from 2:00 pm

Every day from 11:00 am

American Roulette


Minimum bet from CHF 5 

Minimum bet from CHF 1

Four roulette wheels can be played on one terminal at the same time. The ball is thrown live by the croupier at two wheels. There are terminals in the smoking and non-smoking areas.

Know how


Roulette in layman’s terms


The aim of roulette is to predict where the ball will land. The croupier calls out “faites vos jeux”, encouraging punters to place their bets. You can place your chips on your chosen number or simply announce your choice to the croupier.