Schutzmassnahmen auf Spielkarten illustriert


Smile and the world smiles with you

CEO blog dated 4/16/2021

“The casino is closed” read the posters that we hung on the entrances to our casinos in the middle of March last year. It was a Friday evening; the weekend was just around the corner. Guests who wanted to enter were no longer let in. Those already in the casino were asked to leave. The lively atmosphere on the floor gradually disappeared and it suddenly became eerily quiet. It was a surreal and alarming situation. Coronavirus had arrived in Switzerland.

The ten months that followed presented us with huge challenges for our business. Due to our casinos repeatedly being closed for months at a time, we lost a considerable amount of our income. This had consequences for our employees, who were sat at home waiting for the reopening, and for our partners, our suppliers and public institutions such as the OASI. The special measures introduced into daily life also tested our emotional wellbeing. We had to learn to do without many things, how to keep social distance, wear a face mask and in the worst case, learn how to be close in a digital way.

On the other hand, solidarity between people ran high thanks to many inspiring initiatives. We discovered the beauty of spring and summer in our homeland, Switzerland, and had more time for our families. 

Today, a year after the outbreak of the pandemic, we are trying to look hopefully towards the future. The federal government’s vaccination program and the thawing winter are providing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, although the outcome of this crisis still seems uncertain.

It’s time to smile

Thoughts of our casinos reopening is something that makes myself and all our employees very happy. I’m sure we’ll all be grinning from ear to ear on reopening day, although our faces will unfortunately be covered by a face mask. This is why we have decided to communicate our protective measures under the motto “Smile and the world smiles with you”.

Humorous playing cards will provide information about the protective measures in our casinos. The topics will be displayed on posters and as animations on our own screens, our website and our social media channels. The delicious smiley chocolates that our guests receive when visiting will make them smile. Our ROYAL CLUB members can also look forward to a slot machine buzzer. With a bit of luck, they could win an instant prize that’s sure to put a smile on their face.

The fight against coronavirus continues. Our top priority is still protecting the health of our guests and making your visit to our casinos as safe as possible. And it doesn’t hurt to smile! 

Marc Baumann